The IDELAYCTRLS problem of V2NFC100DDR_1 and V2NFC100DDR_5

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The IDELAYCTRLS problem of V2NFC100DDR_1 and V2NFC100DDR_5

Post by shengwenLiang » Mon Aug 20, 2018 2:10 am

Recently, i upgrade the V2NFC100DDR ip from vivado 2014.2 to vivado 2018.2, and the synthesis has been run successfully, and when i run implementation, there are IDELAYCTRLS problem occurs that:

[DRC PLIDC-7] IDELAYCTRLs not LOC or ungrouped: Design has more than one unlocked and ungrouped IDELAYCTRL cells. Please instantiate a delay controller (or use an existing one if delay values allow so) and apply appropriate IODELAY_GROUP or LOC constraints on the delay cells, or instantiate only one delay controller for the design without any IODELAY_GROUP or LOC constraints. The cells involved are:

Then i read the constraint file, constr_nand_ch45.xdc, and find the prblem is that this line the name is empty,
set_property IODELAY_GROUP {} [get_cells OpenSSD2/OpenSSD2_i/V2NFC100DDR_1/inst/Inst_NPhy_Toggle_Top/Inst_NPhy_Toggle_Physical_Input/Inst_DQSIDELAYCTRL]

so could you tell me how to modify it to support vivado 2018.2, if not, that is no problem, because the project has been successfully run on vivado 2014.2. Thanks.

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Re: The IDELAYCTRLS problem of V2NFC100DDR_1 and V2NFC100DDR_5

Post by KibinPark » Wed Aug 22, 2018 10:22 am

Here is my constr_nand_ch45.xdc file sample. Channel 4 and 5 should share a common IDELAYCTRL.
set_property IODELAY_GROUP "BANK_4_IODELAY_GROUP" [get_cells V2NFC100DDR_4/inst/Inst_NPhy_Toggle_Top/Inst_NPhy_Toggle_Physical_Input/Inst_DQSIDELAYCTRL]
set_property IODELAY_GROUP "BANK_4_IODELAY_GROUP" [get_cells V2NFC100DDR_4/inst/Inst_NPhy_Toggle_Top/Inst_NPhy_Toggle_Physical_Input/Inst_DQSIDELAY]
set_property IODELAY_GROUP {} [get_cells V2NFC100DDR_5/inst/Inst_NPhy_Toggle_Top/Inst_NPhy_Toggle_Physical_Input/Inst_DQSIDELAYCTRL]
set_property IODELAY_GROUP "BANK_4_IODELAY_GROUP" [get_cells V2NFC100DDR_5/inst/Inst_NPhy_Toggle_Top/Inst_NPhy_Toggle_Physical_Input/Inst_DQSIDELAY]

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