Firmware update procedure

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Firmware update procedure

Post by gunjae » Sat May 27, 2017 3:12 am


Regarding Cosmos+ tutorial the procedure to install OpenSSD to a host machine is as follows.

1) Programming FPGA
2) Run the firmware on the FPGA
3) Turn on the host machine

But this procedure takes long time. Especially when modifying the firmware turning on/off the host machine is so annoying. When I worked with Dragon Fire board,, I updated the firmware like followings.

1) Turn on the host machine (But NVMe driver is not loaded as blocked in boot command like 'blaklist=nvme')
2) Loaded firmware program
3) Install NVMe host driver with 'insmod nvme.ko'

If firmware modification is needed I uninstalled the NVMe host driver.

4) Uninstall NVMe host driver with 'rmmod nvme'
5) Stop the firmware
6) Modify the firmware codes and loaded again
7) Reinstall NVMe host driver with 'insmod nvme.ko'

I am wondering this procedure is also possible with OpenSSD. In other words, the procedure that 1) uninstall NVMe driver, 2) Load the modified version of firmware and 3) Reinstall NVMe host driver is allowed?

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